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Brilliant Orange LLC specializes in brand strategy, logo design, and copywriting. We write words that tell a story and design pictures that impress our customer's customer.

We are a brand management, logo design, and copywriting company. We specialize in the complete electronic design and build of logo architecture, but we also develop initial brand strategy that governs visual identity usage, positioning platform, and its marketing activities and applications; including advertising and content writing. As a premium provider, we offer quality service and produce a superior, innovative product that's planned to meet the unique visual message of each client. Our business model respects design integrity, yet we aim to achieve positive results and fiscal success for our clients.

Our focus is branding: strategy, naming, logo design, visual & verbal identity and messaging. However, we remain agile, moving into adjacent areas of communications channels such as digital marketing and social media.


Brilliant Orange LLC signifies remarkable vibrancy. Our name is as fun as the process we used to implement it. "Brilliant" symbolizes intellect and luminosity; illustriousness and exception. "Orange" denotes innovation and energy; cheerfulness and friendliness. Simultaneously, both words express brightness in many more ways than one.

The objective of brand identity is to generate energy and enhance the image of our client's stakeholders. A well designed, calculated, and coordinated brand strategy campaign will be expedited and implemented, providing proofing steps are organized and judicious. All work will be completed in a time efficient and responsive manner. Brilliant Orange will provide targeted design and communication support efforts, aiming to leverage client brand awareness and positioning platform in order to attract, increase, and retain interested target segments.

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